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Hey I’m doing a give away. For what? Only the winner will know!

You need like or reblog to enter. You don’t need to be following me but if you do, you’re chances to win will heighten.

Ends Tomorrow at 12:00 pm. Good luck!

REBLOG if you’re GAY and drink too much COFFEE


cosplayers understand my point

reblog if you are Gay and going to win

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Will Riley Matthews put a stop to the bullies and save her innocent dad from jail? (x)

Update regarding to Danganronpa 4Kids Parody - Prankster High


Hello everyone! I’d like to update on what is currently going on with the project!

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Just so everyone knows, I’ll be at AWA saturday and I should be cosplaying Valentine from Skullgirls. If you’re there say hi n_n


i’m very easily amused, as you can see